3 Monogrammed Must Haves At The Beach

Heading out to the beach this summer? Make all your friends jealous with these custom monogrammed must haves in your beach bag.

3. Aaaagh! My Eyes! …You need a hat.

sunrise over jennettes pierDo you love hanging out at the beach in the sun, but need to shade your eyes and face? A monogrammed ball cap is just the thing to throw in your beach bag! Plus, you can get your hair out of your face and achieve that classic hair-in-a-ponytail-through-a-ball-cap look.
Not into ball caps? That’s cool, maybe a Floppy Hat or a Visor is more your style.

2. Sand in my soda …You need a Spiker.

sunrise over jennettes pierWhat’s worse than opening a cold drink at the beach, only to set it down an instantly get sand in it? Drinking a sandy drink, that’s what. Suffer in silence no more! The monogrammed beach spiker frees your essentials from their sandy existence.

1. Gah! The Water Is Freezing! …You Need A Soft Wrap.

sunrise over jennettes pierThe number one must have beach bag item is something soft, warm, and cozy to snuggle in after a swim in the ocean. One of life’s simple joys is being enveloped by softness. Watch the light fade from the beach in your monogrammed microfiber wrap , warm and dry after a day of beach fun.


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